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911-based Threat Monitoring Transforms Local Incident Response 

With 300+ million Americans trained to call 911 to report physical threats and incidents, Beakon monitors the radio systems used by police and fire departments to access, analyze and geolocate first-hand, real-time intelligence that has yet to be reported by online sources. 


Rely on Beakon to keep your security and incident response team informed with verified intelligence they simply can’t access elsewhere.


911 and First Responder-based Data for Physical Threat Monitoring

Beakon is a SaaS that combines an expertly placed and redundant local radio network, with a team of expertly trained 24/7/365 analysts to detect threats like active shooter events in real-time. By monitoring first responder radio systems to access first hand eyewitness accounts, verified reports and ongoing updates, Beakon delivers unmatched hyperlocal intelligence right to the incident response tools you already use.

Active Shooter and External Threat Monitoring


Experience Beakon's game-changing hyperlocal crime data gathered directly from 911 police radio.

Automated Incident Detection and Response


Visualize organizational threats and seamlessly launch notifications through Beakon's no-code response automation.

Real-time Physical Security Threat Insights

Assess your performance before, during an after a critical incident with Threat Trends, Historical Insights and Automated Reporting

The Fastest Incident Detection for Better Incident Response 

Enhanced Safety and Security

Redefining Real-Time

Leverage 911-based, hyperlocal threat intelligence, public safety trained analysts and AI-assisted automation, ensuring rapid detection to physical security threats like an active shooter. With Beakon, your security team can spend less time vetting and corroborating, and more time responding.

911-based threat intelligence helps organizations monitor and respond to security incidents with unparalleled accuracy and speed, minimizing potential harm and losses.

Passionate Industry Veterans

Threat Detection to Empower Incident Response

Beakon’s 911-based threat intelligence feed instills confidence into your threat monitoring efforts so that your security team can spend more time on analysis, response and other SOC activities.

Beakon is driven by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who are committed to physical security and hyperlocal threat intelligence and response. Their expertise ensures that Beakon will continue to innovate with AI and other technologies tailored to your security needs.

Easy to Use, Easy to Integrate 

Enhanced Efficiency


Your team can quickly become proficient in using the platform, accelerating readiness to respond to physical threats, including local crime, active shooter and workplace violence.

Reduced Training Time

Easy to use and extract value immediately. Our AI-assited transcriptions immediately stream and map to the incident response tools your SOC is using.

Single Source of Truth


With the help of AI, Beakon integrates with your incident response and risk intelligence tools to automate threat detection, visualization and response.

Protect your People and Assets at Scale 

Faster Response Times


Beakon's 911-based threat intelligence capabilities seamlessly streams a lush feed of crime and safety data so that your security and response team can spend less time monitoring and corroborating public safety data, and more time mitigating physical threats with lightning speed.

Affordability / Cost Savings


With access to a verified threat detection feed that integrates with your incident response tools and automates critical processes, Beakon helps organizations reduce personnel needed to identify and pinpoint hyperlocal threats and other incidents.



Beakon's platform is designed to scale seamlessly with your organization's growth. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Beakon can adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring that your physical threat intelligence and response capabilities remain effective as your organization expands.

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