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Redefining Real-Time Threat Monitoring

Beakon analyzes 911, Police and Fire Department call data in mere seconds to detect threats and protect what you care about most – your people, assets & facilities

10x Faster Threat Detection

100x Events Detected

100% Verified Sources

911 and First Responder-based Threat Monitoring

Verified threat intelligence delivered directly from 911 dispatch and first responder radio, trusted by corporate security and emergency management teams to respond to critical incidents quickly and decisively.

Our Physical Security Threat Monitoring Products

Beakon analyzes 911, Police and Fire radio data to detect crime and other local threats to keep your people, assets & facilities safe and secure

The Best 911-based Threat Intelligence. Period.

10x Faster than traditional threat detection

100x Events Detected

100% Verified  Sources

AI-assisted first responder radio analysis

24/7/365 public safety trained analyst team

Threat Insights

Threat Trends

Historical Insights

Automated Reporting

First Responder Threat Intelligence 

Verified, 911-based Threat Intelligence Directly from First Responders

The public is on watch. Every year 240 million calls are made to 911. During an Active Shooter or other escalating threat, within minutes, first responders are dispatched to gather on-scene details. Further resources may be deployed, leading to additional updates and ultimately resolution.


Beakon monitors police radio for the entirety of an ongoing incident with the help of a team of public safety-trained analysts and AI, turning 911 transmissions into actionable threat intelligence in mere seconds.


Consistent and Verified Threat Monitoring

Straight From the Source 

9 out of 10 people would call 911 without posting on social media. When you rely on internet-based intelligence or social media monitoring to detect threats, you're opening your team up to misinformation and blindspots missing most of the picture.

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Twitter icon


Percentage reporting emergencies via 911 vs X

Real-time Public Safety Alerts and Intelligence 

Social Media trades reliability for speed

Reputable sources can take hours to report events, so the competition uses social media to detect faster.


​Unfortunately, social media is rife with inaccuracies and a bad actor could easily generate a series of tweets to spoof an active shooter situation.


​Fast and unreliable – or slow and trustworthy. These have been the choices until Beakon arrived on the scene to transform hyperlocal, real-time threat intelligence.

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