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Security Practices

We can't help revolutionize physical security without getting information security right. Beakon is committed to meeting the strongest standards for information security posture.

Beakon's Security and Privacy teams establish policies and controls, monitor compliance with those controls, and prove our security and compliance to third-party auditors.

Foundational Security Principles

Least Privilege

Access should be limited to only those with a legitimate business need and granted based on the principle of least privilege.


Security controls should be applied consistently across all areas of the enterprise.


Security controls should be implemented and layered according to the principle of defense-in-depth.


The implementation of controls should be iterative, continuously maturing across the dimensions of improved effectiveness, increased auditability, and decreased friction.

Data at rest



All datastores with customer data, in addition to cloud buckets, are encrypted at rest. Sensitive collections and tables also use row-level encryption.

This means the data is encrypted even before it hits the database so that neither physical access, nor logical access to the database, is enough to read the most sensitive information.

Data in transit​



Beakon uses TLS 1.2 or higher everywhere data is transmitted over potentially insecure networks. We also use features such as HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) to maximize the security of our data in transit. Server TLS keys and certificates are managed by AWS and deployed via Application Load Balancers.

Secret Management 



Encryption keys are managed via AWS Key Management System (KMS). KMS stores key material in Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), which prevents direct access by any individuals, including employees of Amazon and Beakon. The keys stored in HSMs are used for encryption and decryption via Amazon’s KMS APIs.

Application secrets are encrypted and stored securely via AWS Secrets Manager and Parameter Store, and access to these values is strictly limited.

Data Protection

Penetration Testing

Beakon engages a top penetration testing firm in the industry at least annually.

All areas of the Beakon product and cloud infrastructure are in-scope for these assessments, and source code is fully available to the testers in order to maximize the effectiveness and coverage.

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